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The health care profession is a noble one but doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers make mistakes. Thousands of patients are injured every year due to medical negligence.

If you or a family member believes medical malpractice caused your injury, MN Law is here to help. Hiring a skilled, experienced attorney is one of the most important steps you can take on your road to recovery.

No wonder MN Law is “New England’s Trusted Personal Injury Firm.” We are dedicated to excellence, kindness, compassion, respect and integrity. We accept catastrophic injury claims throughout Massachusetts.

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About MN Law

At MN Law, we are dedicated to obtaining justice and exceptional results for our clients who have been harmed by medical negligence. Joseph P. Marasco and Donna M. Nesselbush formed their legal partnership in 1999. Over the years, the firm has enjoyed impressive growth and now boasts a dedicated team of 14  attorneys and nearly 50 support staff whose united mission is to provide exceptional legal care for each client.

Our medical malpractice attorneys are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and have been selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers publication.

At MN Law, our goal is to achieve extraordinary legal results while giving you the very best in client service. Our firm is big enough so that others know we mean business but small enough that every case receives individualized legal care and attention. The strength and reputation of our firm will make all the difference in the world to your case.

Medical Malpractice Claims We Handle

If you or a loved one has injured by medical malpractice, it’s reassuring to know you can put your trust in MN Law. We have extensive experience handling, litigating and resolving cases of medical negligence. We’ve help clients harmed by birth injuries, failure to diagnose cancer or other serious diseases, surgical mistakes, treatment delays, and medication errors.

Failure to Diagnose/ Misdiagnosis

The failure to diagnose or the misdiagnosis of medical conditions is a frequent source of medical malpractice cases in Connecticut. MN Law has pursued failure to diagnose cases involving:

  • Various forms of cancer, resulting in death.
  • Infections in children or adults resulting in death.
  • Eye conditions resulting in permanent vision loss.
  • The failure to diagnose a heart attack.

Wrongful Death

Under Connecticut law, the estate of an individual who has died due to the negligence of others may recover the cost of reasonably necessary medical, hospital and nursing services. Wrongful death cases often involve a very complex calculation of economic damages.

In pursuing a wrongful death matter, it is extremely important that you select a firm like MN Law. We handled medical malpractice cases many times. Our financial experts know how to calculate the damages in your case.

We successfully resolved a wrongful death claim against a primary care physician and a physician’s assistant who failed to properly read an electrocardiogram (EKG) and failed to diagnose a heart attack in elderly woman.

Surgical Negligence

MN Law attorneys have successfully pursued surgical negligence claims, including:

  • The failure to remove surgical instruments and sponges,
  • A mistaken severing of nerves during surgery
  • The severing of internal organs during a surgical procedure.

These cases are complex and nuanced. The experts we use can help establish what truly happened. MN Law has assembled a qualified team of medical experts who can evaluate your claim while build your legal arguments.

OB/Gyn Negligence

The failure to timely perform C-section deliveries resulting in oxygen deprivation and brain injury or death is a frequent type of OB/Gyn negligence case. The medical malpractice lawyers at MN Law have investigated and handled many birth cases. We have the skills and depth of experience needed to promptly and accurately evaluate claims and effectively represent you and your family.

Cases we have successfully resolved include:

  • An $850,000 settlement for the death of an unborn child due to a physician’s failure to diagnose and treat the mother’s pre-eclampsia.
  • A confidential settlement against hospital and surgeon over a negligently performed episiotomy.

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes are often understaffed or run by poorly trained and poorly supervised workers. Contact us immediately if your elderly loved one suffers from malnutrition, dehydration, bedsores or unexplained bruises or other injuries. Prompt legal assistance is essential to effectively investigate claims and protect your family members.

Our Results In Medical Malpractice Cases

Our lawyers know how to build winning cases to prove medical negligence and we have achieved significant results. We have obtained awards, settlements and verdicts for neglect and errors associated emergency department care, obstetrical care, primary care physician care, nursing home care, administration of anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, eye care and other medical fields.

Besides the cases already mentioned are these victories for our clients.

  • $1.3 million settlement – For the family of a young man who perished after being  wrongfully discharged by an area emergency room
  • An $819,000 award after trial to the parents of an infant who died after being misdiagnosed and discharged by a hospital Emergency Department doctor.
  • Confidential settlement – For nerve injury due to negligently performed surgery
  • $470,000 judgment – Following jury verdict against an orthopedic surgeon for negligently performing hip surgery on a young man who later required corrective surgery.

Learn More: What Our Clients Say

Just as important as our results are the positive comments from our clients. Here are a few of the testimonials we’ve received:

  •  “I was seen right away. Your staff was very helpful with my case; also, they explained things very clearly. Very respectful.”
  • “An overwhelmingly great job done by your office!”
  • “Outstanding and exceptional professionalism.”

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